EW-X SEASON5 CUSTOM [Exp 100x |drops 35%| Dedicated Server] Start 4.05.10

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EW-X SEASON5 CUSTOM [Exp 100x |drops 35%| Dedicated Server] Start 4.05.10

Post  Seph_Eternal on Sun Jun 13 2010, 10:47

Welcome to tests EW-X Custom Season 5


Server Premiere 4 June at:
4pm For Brasil (gmt -3:00)

7pm GMT+0 (20:00 f 24h clock)

3pm c For USA (gmt -5:00)
9pm For Poland (gmt +2:00)
10pm For Ukraine (gmt +3:00)


Server info:

Exp: 100x
Version: 1.07 (season5)
Dedicated server 24/7
Max players online: 1000
Drops: 40%
Guild: 200 lvl
Shops: Plate etc. +0+8,
Special shop in tradezone: Chaos 5kk, Chain Lighting 5kk, Twisting Slash 6kk, Evil spirits 7kk, Penetration 8kk, Fireslash 9kk, Firebrust 10kk.
Monsters: Over 500 spots
Characters: Re-Balanced gameplay, changed damage of skills and many more...
Monsters: Over 500 spots (we made new monstersetbase - all spots are identical)
Points after resets limit: 20k

Custom Reset System:

Each rest gives you 10% of progress, progress resets gives 300/350pkt
1res is at 300lv
2res is at 310lv
10res is at 400lvl
When you have 100% progress and 400lvl you can do RR - its gives 1000/1100 pkt
After that you gain new progress, but requited lvls change
Now 1res is at 310lv
2res is at 320
8res is at 390
9res is at 400
10res is at 400


Bless: 100%
Soul: 50%
Soul+l: 75%
Life: 75%
Chaos: In shop.
To increase the value of Zen chaos has a veeery low chance for drop.

Events on EW-X:

-Blood Castle
-Devil Square
-Red Dragon Invasion
-Chaos Castle
-Castle Siege
-Deep Event
-White Wizzard
-Crywolf Event
-Kanturu Event
-Halloween Event
-Illusion Temple
-Lunar Rabbit
-Fenrir Invasion Event
-Swamp of Clamness
-Raklion Hatchery
-Duel Arena
-Moss Event
-Cruel Santa
-Double Goer
-Sky Event
-Cherry Bloosom event
-Hellzone Event
-and 7 new custom ingame events

Chaos Machine:

+10 - 90% | + luck: 95%
+11 - 70% | + luck: 75%
+12 - 50% | + luck: 55%
+13 - 35% | + luck: 40%
+14 - 25% | + luck: 30% (temporarily unavailable)
+15 - 20% | + luck: 25% (temporarily unavailable)

Unique Features

- One of the few servers, combining elements of PVP and PVM
- The newly constructed database of monsters and spots. More than 500 places where you can gain experience on each of the subservers
- New Custom Sets
- New Custom Weapons
- New Custom Items
- Season5 maps
- Season 5 and 4 pets: Panda, Rudolf, Devil, Guardian
- Season 5 Events, and Custom Events (a total of over 30 different events in the game)
- Items +14 and +15
- New appearance and attributes of skill (for example, Water Brust)
- New Ancient items
- Extended the player panel, InGame messages integrated with the www, eternal market, shoutbox, Side System and a lot of other interesting things on the web.
- Strength and drops of monsters was changed. In addition, we make display levels of monsters in the game.
- Eternal Market - where you can acquire interesting items
- New Summons for Energy Elf (Summons use Area of Effect skills)
- One of several servers, each with their own set of monsters, drops, skills
- Weaker ancienty also available from the normal monsters.
- Improved final sets
- Possibility of improving Ancient and Socket items by using Jevel of Harmony
- New items like Heart etc. - Eternal Box, Mistery Box, Dark Side box, Light Side Box, Rainbow box
- Full Season 4 - Duel Arena, Cruel Santa, Santa village, Raklion Event, Rudolf
- Season5 features - Panda pet, Double Goer, new items etc.
- Arena for the fights between players at the center Lorencia
- Changed Warps, and the strength of monsters on most maps
- Lunar Rabbit Event each 1 hour in the middle of lorencia.
- Version 1.07c+ repaired by us.
- New requirements for some items
- New items for EE and eMG!
- TradeZone and HellZone
- Boring quests to change the character classes have been disabled
- Auto Quest system
- Special drop for some bosses of example - Phoenix have addtional drop of Feather
- The revised price of items in Gambler Moss shop
- SIDE SYSTEM - You can choose one side of the conflict for example:
>>>Dark Side players have
* Better Damage
* More SD
* More Mana
* Devils in Eternal Market
* 5% More experience for killing the monsters
* and they are best in pvp.
>>>Light Side Players have:
* More deffence
* More Life
* More SD
* Life/SD recowery
* Guardians in Eternal Market
* 15% more experience for killing the monsters

It's not all! We have many other innovations - it will have to discover yourself!
And remember on this server you will NEVER see the item mall [code]


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