[Release] MuServer 1.04J+Season3 Episode1

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[Release] MuServer 1.04J+Season3 Episode1

Post  ReaL on Wed Jun 25 2008, 20:27

Mu Server 1.04J+Season3

Download: Here

[>> How To Setup This Server <<]

Added SkyEvent.dll and SkyEvent.ini
Added LordCoders.ini
Added Original Season3 3th Class Quest
Fixed bugs:
Potion bug
PK bug
And much more

+Season 3 wings
+Personal Store 100%
+Creat Guild / Guild Alliance / Guild War / and more work 100%
+All season3 mixes work 100%
+All new weapons , sets and ancient items work 100%
+Season 3 (3rd class quest) work with command /evo
+And more much

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