GraveyardMu Full Season 4

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GraveyardMu Full Season 4

Post  LadySky on Mon Jul 27 2009, 15:45

GraveyardMu Full Season 4

"Return of the Fallen"

GraveyardMu Official Website

Graveyard Networks Official Forum

Server Information

Game Rates

Experience: 5000X
Drops: 70%
Monster HP: 100%
Shop: Balanced and Still under Improvements
Drop: Boxes Fully Modified and Balanced
Bless Bug (BB): OFF
Reset Type: Keep Stats
Reset Level: 400 Lvl
Reset Requirement: 100K Zen
JOS Success Rate: |+Luck=98% | Without Luck=75%)
JOL Success Rate: 100%
CM Success Rate:
+10 = 100% | +11 = 100% | +12 = 90% | +13 = 75%


CryWolf Event
Castle Siege Event
Chaos Castle Event
White Wizard Event
Blood Castle Event
Devil Square Event
Kalima Event
Golden Invasion Event
Sky Event
Raklion Event

For almost year our server had been down due to some financial instability to support dedicated machine for the server. Now we are coming back for good with strong foundation, our server are willing to offer the best we can get and offer, most may tell why we always wipe out for the last years, this is due to problems we encounter as stated above. This time is different story, we are strong and we can provide almost everything for the server to offer good games to others. We may not be the best or even near the best server but we will do everything we could to give the best we can offer.
Join Us in this Journey Where Friendship and Enemy are the most available.


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